How Is Kratom Taken?

Kratom leaves can be chewed, brewed in a tea, smoked or consumed in just about any other way you can think of. Traditionally they are chewed throughout the day by labour workers in Thailand and Malaysia, tea is another popular and effective method. Smoking kratom is possible although the general consensus is that it is not particularly effective. Some also use leaves in food or simply eat powdered kratom. Kratom will work best on an empty stomach, so refrain from eating for 2 to 3 hours before taking it.

Listed below are some popular methods of taking kratom:

Toss n Wash Method

This method works with extracts and powdered kratom leaves. The idea is to toss a load of kratom in your mouth and then immediately wash it down with some water or juice. You can wash it down with anything really although preferably not an alcoholic or a carbonated drink. Grapefruit juice is said to potentiate the effects of kratom.

Traditional Method

The traditional method of taking kratom, as used throughout its native region is simply to chew on the fresh leaves. Unless you live in south east Asia then this option isn't likely to be available to you. You would have to buy a kratom plant and harvest the leaves once large enough.

Juice Method

I say juice, although any drinkable liquid can be used. This method basically involves just putting kratom powder into a glass of juice, water, or anything else non-carbonated. Then you shake or mix it up with a spoon before drinking it whilst the powder is still in suspension. Although you will probably find that most of your kratom powder lumps together and floats on top rather than mixing/dissolving properly.

Applesauce Method

This is a good method for anyone who really wants to mask the taste of kratom. Simply mix your powder with some applesauce and eat.

Kratom Tea

Kratom tea can be made using kratom leaf, powder, resin or extracts. This is a popular method in its native region and elsewhere in the world. We have a whole page on making kratom tea here.

Kratom Capsules

You can buy ready made kratom capsules from certain vendors, alternatively you can make your own, you'll just need some kratom extract and some empty capsules. This is another good method if you don't like the taste of kratom.

Smoking Kratom

Smoking kratom is possible but not advised. A large quantity of plant matter has to be smoked before one notices any effects. Reportedly you can also smoke resin however it is still an inefficient and more harmful way of taking kratom.

Cooking With Kratom

It is possible to use kratom in a variety of foods. It is not the most effective way of using it (a large volume of food in your stomach will prolong how long it takes to feel the effects & weaken them). If you can stand the taste then it could be added to stews, curries, soup, drinks, ice cream or anything you can think of.

Many people do not like the taste of kratom, others have grown to like it. The applesauce or capsule methods are best for avoiding the taste. I don't find the taste to be that bad. Yes, it is bitter but personally I would rather eat a spoonful of kratom than drink a shot of vodka.

For information on dosage guidelines click here.