Is Kratom Addictive?

When used responsibly there is very little chance of ever becoming addicted to kratom, although it is possible. Abstain from daily usage, ideally no more than twice a month. This will also keep your tolerance down and mean you appreciate it more when you do use it. As with caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and many other drugs, If you allow it to become a daily habit it could become a hard one to stop.

Kratom is mildly addictive and withdrawal may occur after frequent heavy use. Some withdrawal symptoms reported by addicts in extreme cases include aggression, depression, wet nose, fatigue, inability to work, restlessness and teary eyes. It appears to be similar to caffeine withdrawal in severity. Those with an addiction or who are going through withdrawal have been shown to be in fine physical and mental health. Another report in Malaysia shows that although kratom use is widespread, it did not have a bad reputation and addicts were not known to exhibit any change in their mental or physical health.

Although addiction potential with kratom is low, and withdrawal symptoms are in no way comparable to opiates, alcohol, crack or other 'harder' drugs - it is still important to set yourself usage guidelines and stick to them.