Are There Different Types Of Kratom?

There are a few different types of tree and different sorts of kratom you will typically come across. It can be confusing at first but there are only a few different types really. Some vendors may sell 'super enhanced' strains or extracts which will not always live up to the name. If you buy a 15x kratom resin it won't really be 15 times more potent than the leaf. Typically it will be closer to 4 times the strength.

Relating to where the kratom is grown there is:

  • Indonesian
  • Malaysian
  • Thai
  • Bali

Relating to the colour of the stems or veins running through the leaf:

  • Red Vein
  • Green Vein

Relating to the grade of leaves used:

  • Commercial
  • Premium
  • Super
  • Enhanced

One kratom tree can produce both red and white vein leaves. Most kratom on the market appears to be of Indonesian origin. The 'grade' of kratom leaves used is the prevailing factor in determining strength and of course, cost of. Typically the grades will be listed as above, ranging from 'commercial' (the weakest) up to 'enhanced' (the strongest).

As mentioned elsewhere, the quality of kratom will vary depending on where you order it from, and sometimes even from batch to batch. The key is to find a quality, consistent vendor.