What Are The Effects Of Kratom?

Kratom works as both a stimulant and a depressant.
Generally, smaller doses of kratom produce a stimulating effect. As you increase the dosage the experience gets more sedating. Kratom has anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and pain killing properties as well as being able to produce a state of euphoria. It can be used to increase concentration and alertness as well as to aid rest and sleep, depending on the amount used. Some Thai workers use it throughout the day to keep their mind sharp and energy levels up.

It is not really possible to have a 'bad trip' on kratom. That is to say, one might not enjoy the experience but it's nothing like being stuck in a bad trip for hours like mushrooms or LSD can sometimes produce. It is a completely different drug and the effects are more opiate-like than psychedelic.

The effects can generally be classified under small and large dosage levels. The onset of the effects will take 5-15 minutes and last for 2-5 hours with after effects of about 3-6 hours.

At low doses kratom is stimulating, the user has more physical energy as well increased alertness, which can make it easier to do physically taxing work as well as aiding concentration in mental tasks. Users report a sense of well-being and can feel more friendly, talkative and sociable. Although there is no evidence of kratom being a psychical aphrodisiac, some users do report an increased sexual desire.

At high doses kratom is more of a sedative, users are less sensitive to pain, both physically and emotionally. You will feel very calm, feelings of euphoria are increased. Your mind should feel at rest and your body very relaxed. Your appreciation of music may be increased and you will find lying down in a peaceful environment listening to some should be very pleasurable. If you close your eyes you may be able to achieve a strange but enjoyable waking-dream like state.

Negative effects of kratom can include loss of apetite, constipation, sweating, dry mouth, increased need for urination and in some cases nausea. Heavy use of kratom can also sometimes result in a prolonged sleep.

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As with all drugs, kratom can have different effects on different people. Although some might like the effects of a low dose of Kratom, others might feel 'on edge' or not necessarily enjoy the experience. However, Most reports from those that have used Kratom are positive. The strength as well as the effects can differ depending on the strain and batch used.